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T100 Calling

T100 Calling, 2020’s mandala themed T100 Walking Festival run by Kinetika came to Tilbury on Sunday 20 September and Kinetika artists were delighted to be joined by members of Our Lady Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church.


Sunday’s T100 walk was from Tilbury Town to the Cruise Terminal and the mandala on Tilbury Foreshore took the theme of Make Do and Mend. It was designed by Tilbury artist Sarah Doyle and Sally Chinea, with participation from Thurrock Youth Services. It was made from upcycled broken or chipped glass and ceramics, with help from Tilbury Riverside Project volunteers and the local community.


T100 Calling continues until Sunday 27 September when the communities in Purfleet-on-Thames will celebrate the town, its creativity and the community spirit that has prevailed during lockdown. Although the festival had to adapt to the current restrictions, there are still ways for everyone to get involved in walking or making. All T100 walk routes are online and can be followed at any time by going to www.thurrock100.com. A mandala inspiration pack can be downloaded from the T100 website offering ideas for making mandalas from a variety of everyday items. People from across the country and around the globe are sharing their mandalas on facebook, instagram and twitter – Join the T100 Walking Arts Facebook group to see the results.


Find out about creating mandalas and see the mandala gallery on the T100 website. http://thurrock100.com/may-mandala-gallery/



Thurrock 100 Festival was started by Kinetika in 2015 and over 5 years - in collaboration with a wide range of local partners including; Thurrock Council, Thurrock CVS, The Complete Commedia Company, TICC, Tilbury on the Thames Trust, Port of Tilbury, One Community Development Trust, ROH
Trailblazers, High House Production Park and Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited (PCRL) - it has brought people closer, connected them to local places and spaces, and linked organisations together that collectively address individual disadvantage.  
The concept of T100 is very simple.  Based on a theme selected for the year, a programme of walks is devised by a range of local groups and organisations which incorporate community-led activities that respond to the theme.  
The walks have taken place in towns and villages across an area over 3 weeks in July, with a longer, contiguous route symbolically connecting them all up.  The routes remain accessible online and via a publication that celebrates the theme for the year.
The activities are usually undertaken between March and July in libraries, schools and community spaces and can include writing, drawing, cooking, painting, researching, dancing and acting, depending on the theme.  The result adds colour to the walks and can include heritage talks, shared community meals, outdoor theatre, silk flags reflecting local stories, singing and even an animated 12
foot-tall docker puppet designed by local school children!  It is all about walking, talking and making together as a collective, shared experience.
The magic of the concept is its simplicity as a framework.  It enables groups to come up with their own ideas, develop them as separate projects if preferred, then showcase and share them to the wider community as part of a bigger whole. 
2020 marks a significant moment of change for us all and the theme this year T100 Calling is a call to action for communities to come together to creatively re-imagine our future.
Over the following three years - with support of the National Lottery Community Fund - we are inviting our growing team of volunteers and supporters to imagine how T100 can become an independent organisation from 2023, that produces an annual festival to celebrate the people of Thurrock; showcasing talent, resourcefulness, resilience, diversity and to collectively imagine a healthy, future

proof, creative community.
This year we will be exploring local challenges, and possible solutions, in each community through the collective process of designing and making beautiful large-scale mandalas; led by visiting Scottish artist Therese Muskus.  The Festival will take place between 12_27th September. Starting at Shoeburyness
Beach and ending in Purfleet-On-Thames, we will be walking, talking and making along the Thames Estuary – bringing communities together to reflect on issues including climate change, plastic waste, reclaiming public spaces, bio-diversity, growing sustainable communities, health and well-being – whilst collaboratively making beautiful pieces of art from locally collected materials. 
May Mandalas
In response to Covid-19 and the lockdown, we developed the launch of T100 Festival as an online mini project – May Mandalas. We designed a bespoke pack that was available for download via our website; inviting everyone to take part. It aimed to inspire participants to think about the future using a creative, fun and innovative series of exercises that will help them imagine solutions and feed into
the mandala designs and festival planning whilst at home. It culminated in an interactive finale week during the May half term during which participants were presented with daily activities to complete and share online, creating mandalas in response to our broad themes.  You can view the colourful, creative and thoughtful responses by visiting our website http://thurrock100.com/may-mandalagallery/ and can still take part in sharing your ideas by joining the T100 Walking Arts Facebook Group.
This online programme of activities was an opportunity to be Inspired, to Reflect, to Make and Do in order to prepare us for the walking festival rescheduled for 12th – 27th of September.  
Whilst we are hopeful that the rescheduled dates will be able to go ahead, we are committed to the delivery of this project and will make alternative online arrangements for the September dates if
T100 Calling Festival Dates
Sun Sept 13:  Tide Turning - Shoeburyness Beach - We will be making a beach mandala exploring themes around respect for the Earth and the natural landscape in which we live. Climate Change, coastal erosion and flooding. We invite you to collect pebbles or shells on your daily walk and bring them to the site to create a mandala from natural materials with us.
Sat 19 Sept:  Spring Clean - Grays Beach – Using plastic that has been taken out of the Thames by local litter picking group, working in partnership with Thames 21, we will create our mandala whilst performances from local groups take place as of the Thurrock Festival.  
Sunday 20 Sept: Make Do and Mend - Tilbury Foreshore - Reclaiming public space, making a glistening mandala from ceramics and glass collected form the foreshore. We invite you to upcycle, turning broken things into beautiful objects.
Tuesday 22 Sept - In Other People’s Shoes – Bata Heritage Centre - Wear someone else’s shoes for the day, what does it feel like? Inspired by the Bata Heritage Centre we invite you to join us, bringing a favourite pair of shoes with you. We will share stories, reflecting on the journeys you and others have travelled on foot, then design a shoe mandala and write about your experience of walking. 
Sat 26 Sept: Renewal - Belhus Country Park – Working with Rural Arisings on the creation of a new insect habitat, using recycled brick, concrete and cement, to make a permanent mandala on a capped landfill site that is being transformed into a country park. It will become the basis of a new rock garden and will be designed with support from the local school and community. 
Sun 27 Sept: Grow Your Own - High House Production Park, Purfleet - where our studios are based.  Working with the Royal Opera House Community Chorus, local community and in partnership with developers PCRL. We will be curating a celebratory event focused on the theme of sustainable communities, including food production and distribution. The mandala will be made from produce, locally grown within a 15mile radius of Purfleet. 
Imagination Our Nation: In between these key events, there will be daily local walks with a focus on creativity, health and wellbeing and the making of mini-mandalas.

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