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Corpus Christi – 10.30am, Sunday 14th June – Livestream mass for First Holy Communion children and their families

Sunday 14th June 2020 | 10:30 am

On Saturdays and Sundays throughout May and June – more than 3,000 children in Essex and East London would have been receiving Holy Communion for the first time. In celebrations that children remember for the rest of their lives, the amazing joy and grace of the Eucharist would nurture and sustain them.

There will come a time when we can gather and celebrate, and these celebrations will be very precious. At the moment, when we are all receiving “Spiritual Communion,” we wanted to mark this year’s Feast of Corpus Christi (which means “The Body of Christ”) by honouring the Holy Communion children and their families. There will be a special message from Bishop Alan at the start of Mass.

The easiest way to join the Mass is by YouTube – simply search BrentwoodCYS and you’ll find us – and nearer the time there will be a direct link to the Mass here. We are also on Instagram – you’ll need the App, and again we are BrentwoodCYS. 

The Mass will be a children’s Mass, with simplified readings, and music that children’s choirs from around the Diocese have sent to us (recorded before lockdown!). There will be a Mass booklet here, with the hymns and readings, to help everyone join in at home. 

Everyone is welcome – see you online! 


In a fortnight or so the Diocese will be sharing information about “Lourdes in your Living Room.” This will include a range of Masses and liturgies for all ages; most content will be ideal for those in their homes, and we will be asking for your help to get as many older parishioners as possible access to the online content. We will also be producing booklets that we will send you as a PdF, so they can be printed and given to those who may struggle to print things at home. For young people there will be some specific content,  including – amazingly – a way to re-create the 18 hour coach journey from their front room.

This “pilgrimage at home” will  run from 27th – 31st July. We may not be able to go to Lourdes this year, but we will be doing all we can to bring Lourdes to you. 

In the meantime, we really want to hear any good news that there is to share – please have a fresh look at the email below, and think whether something a parishioner, student or staff member is doing could be shared. If making a video is too much, just drop us a little email telling us what has been happening (please send this to bethwarren@dioceseofbrentwood.org). The deadline for this is next Saturday, 30th May, if at all possible.  


Finally, just a little reminder that next Sunday, 31st May, the Mass streamed from here will include a message from Bishop Alan for the Diocese, and especially for Confirmandi, as Pentecost Sunday is the day when so many young people would have been Confirmed. All details at www.bcys.net/events/pentecost including the details of YouTube and Instagram Livestream. Weekly Youth Masses also continue each Wednesday at 8pm.

Father Dominic writes ( 21 May)

In recent weeks I have been chatting with some priests and catechists, very mindful of our young people. This would have been the time when many hundreds would have been celebrating Confirmation, and many thousands would have been celebrating First Holy Communion. I know that many parishes which are livestreaming will be marking the moments when these Sacraments would have been celebrated locally, but not all parishes are able to livestream and so it also seems helpful to offer something through the BCYS. Please do pass on these details to Holy Communion and Confirmation Catechists, so they can be shared with parents and families.

 Pentecost Sunday, 31st May, 10.30am Mass for Confirmandi. With a special message from Bishop Alan at the start of Mass, and music recorded by soloists and groups of young people from across the Diocese, as well as Intercessions read by young people, this Mass is especially for those who would have been Confirmed today, and it will be offered for you. On both YouTube and Instagram we are BrentwoodCYS, and more details of the Mass are at https://bcys.net/events/pentecost/

 Corpus Christi, Sunday 14th June, 10.30am Mass for Holy Communion children and their families. With a special message from Bishop Alan, and music recorded before lockdown from children’s choirs across the Diocese, this Mass will be celebrated as a children’s Mass, with simplified readings, and intercessions recorded by Holy Communion children. The Mass will be offered for the children and their families. On both YouTube and Instagram we are BrentwoodCYS, and more details of the Mass are at https://bcys.net/events/corpuschristi/

 Finally, just two reminders. There is Youth Mass tonight (Wednesday, 8pm), reflecting on LaudatoSi. And we are actively looking for good news stories where young people have gone “over and beyond” in some way, during Coronavirus, whether in raising money for charity, particular acts of kindness in their neighbourhood, making PPE for the NHS, or whatever it may be, inspired by living their faith in service and action. If you have any such stories, please do get in touch – it would be great to be able to amplify them, to encourage and inspire others.


With many blessings

Fr Dominic and the Walsingham House at Abbotswick Team


Father Dominic writes (12 May)

As Pentecost Sunday is now just over a fortnight away, we would like to offer a new series, “Share the Good News” – starting at Pentecost (as it is such a natural inspiration from the Pentecost story), and running through to the summer, when we will be offering a “virtual” Lourdes pilgrimage in the last week in July. More about that in the weeks ahead.

For now, we would like your help. Over the last few weeks our screens have been filled with images of politicians and scientists; the voices of the young have rarely been part of the conversation, and yet we know many young people have been brilliant in their creativity and compassion over the last two months. Young people who have cut lawns of the elderly, gone shopping for ill relatives, made cakes for their street, made face masks for the NHS, inspired neighbours with artistic cards, and much, much more. Young people are often shy about telling such stories – they haven’t done what they have done for glory. So we would like to “share the good news” – to celebrate young people who have done good things, inspired by faith, from your school or parish.

Please let me have such stories from the young people and then please provide:

·         A video of no more than 3 minutes in length, sharing a story of kindness, creativity, helpfulness or courage during the lockdown/isolation period.

·         It could be that you narrate over pictures of what a young person has done, or that they tell their own story, or a bit of both.

·         Please film in landscape (with the phone horizontal).

·         Please include a sentence or two about the particular inspiration of faith – maybe it is a Saint that inspired them, or a line from the Bible, or an understanding of what it means to live in a Christ-like way. But keep it as natural as possible – let them share in their own words rather than scripting anything.

·         As it will generally be teenagers who see such videos via our social media, it will be ideal if this is “peer to peer” so it would be best if the young person featured was roughly 13-23 years old. 

Please ensure you have their permission for the video to be shared. Email the video to frdominic@dioceseofbrentwood.org 

Such stories will, many years from now, form part of the narrative of how faith communities lived these very unusual weeks; in the short term they may also inspire other young people as they return to schools and Colleges, or – for many of them – for the three months between now and September, when they will still not be at school, but when community needs remain great. 

The deadline to send the videos is 30th May. Hopefully across all the schools and parishes of the Diocese there are at least 16 such stories, and we will run them on Wednesdays (just before Youth Mass) and Sundays between Pentecost and the end of term, leading into “virtual” Lourdes. 

Finally, just a little reminder that tomorrow night (13th May, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, from this House dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham, and when we would normally have been preparing for Lourdes) our Youth Mass is “All about Mary” – all are welcome online, and the details are at https://bcys.net/events/allaboutmary/ including the details of YouTube and Instagram Livestream.


With many blessings

Fr Dominic


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