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Congratulations to the winners for September.

1st prize £25 No. 92 Teresa Beadle

2nd prize £10 No. 39 Avril Lee

3rd prize £5 No. 4 Sr. Deborah

 Congratulations to the winners of the 100 Club for August!!


1st prize £25 No. 31  M. Pollard

2nd prize £10 No. 51  L. Davey

3rd prize £5 No. 49 W. Terry

Congratulations to the winners of the 100 Club for July

1st prize £25 No. 51 Lynn Davey

2nd prize £10 No. 92 Teresa Beadle

3rd prize £5 No. 34 John Hume


Congratulations to the winners of the 100 Club for June:

1st prize  No. 39 £25.00 Avril Lee

2nd prize No. 96 £10.00 J. Shaw

3rd prize  No. 19 £5.00 P. Davies


Congratulations to the winners of the 100 Club for May:


1st prize No. 93 £25.00 Teresa Beadle

2nd prize No. 7 £10 Joyanna Shaw

3rd prize No. 69 £5 Joyanna Shaw

Congratulations to the 100 Club winners for April:


1st prize No. 55 M. Crowley £25

2nd prize No. 99 A. Beadle £10

3rd prize No. 3 M. Akinyemi £5


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Contributions can now be paid for the new 100 Club year which starts in June 2021 and runs until May 2022.  Please help support your Parish.  Thank you to all those that have been contributing during the past year.



100 CLUB

Due to the current problems presented by COVID our 100 Club is currently running at a deficit of £32 for the year 2020/21, although this will probably be offset by a small number of expected payments before the end of this year’s club year in May.  In the light of this we are reducing the prize money temporarily and from now on prizes will be £25, £10 and £5.  This will mean that prize money for 2020/21 will be £725, leaving a profit for the parish of £123 plus any additional payments to the Club received from January to May 2021.  Prize money will be reviewed for the Club year 2021/22 and hopefully we will be able to return to our former prizes.  Thank you to everyone for your continued support for this Parish fundraiser.








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