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Dear all,


We have been advised to inform parishioners who have attended Masses from 2nd January to 10th January to self-isolate/ quarantine with immediate effect as we have been informed that a couple of our parishioners are suspected of being Covid-19 positive.  Please do not be alarmed as they have not been tested positive, therefore as a precaution, well-being and safety of our parishioners Father Anthony is  suspending weekend Masses until further notice.


If anyone were to fall sick or have Covid symptoms or have recently been tested positive you must immediately contact Fr. Anthony on hingacho@gmail.com or 07955 397827.


Stay safe,


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Please see Father Anthony's letter on the Welcome page concerning the resumption of Masses 






 Please note that 10th January 2021 will be the last 5.30 p.m. Sunday Mass during Lockdown or until things get back to normal. 


Please consider responding to the Department of Health consultation to stop home abortions!

The Department of Health is holding a public consultation on whether to continue the practice of allowing abortion providers to send abortion pills to women so that they can perform their own abortion at home. We need as many pro-life people as possible to complete the Department of Health’s questionnaire in order to help stop dangerous DIY abortions becoming permanent. SPUC has prepared a briefing which gives a step by step guide to completing the consultation questionnaire. Please go to https://www.spuc.org.uk/Get-Involved/Campaigns/England-DIY-Abortion-Consultation The consultation ends on 26 February 2021.




To prepare for the second Sunday of the Word of God,  which falls on January 24th 2021, the Catholic Biblical Federation has organised an online conference with participation from all over Europe. 

The Conference will take place at 5 pm London time on Friday January 22nd and will end at 6.30 pm. Reflections will be shared on two of the readings of the Sunday: Jonah 3:1-5,10 and Mark 1:14-20. Speakers will be from Croatia, Italy, Romania and Ireland. Presentations will be in English, Italian and French. Introduction and conclusions will be from Ernesto Borghi (Switzerland) and Adrian Graffy (UK). The Conference will take place online and can be followed via c-b-f.org/streaming or YouTube and Facebook at the Catholic Biblical Federation.  

Fr Adrian Graffy, English representative at the Catholic Biblical Federation, explained: ‘In the rich but fragmented European continent we aim to come together around the Word of God. In the post-pandemic world it will be important to derive from the Scriptures guidelines in our relationships with God, with brothers and sisters throughout the continent and beyond, and in our protection of the planet. Pope Francis’ institution of the Sunday of the Word of God is welcome and timely, and this is an excellent way to prepare for the day.’ 



On 23rd January from 11 am until 12.30 Dom Henry Wansbrough will be presenting a live stream talk entitled ‘The Adventures of a Biblical Translator’. Dom Henry is the editor of the New Jerusalem Bible and the recently published Revised New Jerusalem Bible. The event will be presented by Dr Sean Ryan, chair of the Catholic Biblical Association. The event can be accessed live by going to www.ssppilford.org.uk and will be available to download subsequently on www.whatgoodnews.org  Questions for Fr Henry, and other queries, may be directed to catholicbiblicalassociation.gb@gmail.com


AUSTEN IVEREIGH LIVESTREAM EVENT:  On Saturday 30th January from 11 am until 12.30 pm Dr Austen Ivereigh will speak about the book he recently co-authored with Pope Francis. ‘Let us Dream’ presents the Pope’s vision for the post-pandemic future. How should we move forward from the multiple coronavirus crises? To access this livestream event please go to www.ssppilford.org.uk and click on live stream remote services. The event, which is sponsored by Gidea Park parish in conjunction with Brentwood Interfaith, will be available subsequently on www.whatgoodnews.org Questions for Austen may be emailed beforehand toadriangraffy@dioceseofbrentwood.org



Thurrock foodbank (@ThurrockFood) | Twitter

We received a  huge thank you from the Foodbank.  Our contributions for the Foodbank were over 40 large carrier bags full of goodies for those not as fortunate as ourselves.


Letter of thanks from CAFOD for your generous donations



Tilbury Towns Fund 

Tilbury has been selected by the government to receive its share of the £3.6billion Towns Fund pot to help improve infrastructure, drive economic growth and increase job opportunities. It is one of just 101 places to benefit from the new Towns Fund and will potentially receive up to £50million.

Collaboration is key and residents who live and work in Tilbury are essential to help shape real regeneration driven to deliver the right long term benefits for the whole community.   It is only 7 questions.


There is also a projects page that details some of the ideas that people can comment on and add too. 



Please pray for the sick

Pauline CPatrick DSr AnnunciataJoan T
Pat McBMary PJeanne BJim Baird
LorraineAnne CArlo SPauline P
Marcin SKevin GMary BKirsty
Tony STerence SLinda WMartin R
Sylvia RNick HClifford BMary T
John CPat FMichael JAlan
Pam WJohn PJoyce NAlonso
Marian & John BFrankAvrilMichael G
Margaret APat PMary MYvonne C
Aisling WDave WDave CJune
Valerie DFrank KSueHarry
Anthony CRebecca LCarmen SJames G
Dorothy JGabriela DTerry FJohn S
Elaine WKathleen EIsabella CJames B

praying hands 2

Please pray for the Repose of the Soul of the following:

Cyril McKinney

Fr Tom Jordan

Shirley Judge

Ronald Waters

Margaret Kennedy

Annie Wiltshire

Denis Igiewe

Milagros Holub

Rosario Gaye

Diana Sparkes

Phyllis Fill

Mary Bennett

James Griffin

Frank Elliott

Dennis O’Brien

Molly Nunn

Gwen Perkins

Pat Simmonds

John Avery

Andrew Yong

Pat McDonald

 John Sage 

Evelyn Evans

Bernard Mullins

 Jill Koen 

Yvone Sciamamea

 Angela O’Reilly

 John Commons


Mass intentions for January 2021 Please Click


Sadly abortion is currently available in the UK right up to birth for babies with cleft lip, cleft palate and club foot. All of these conditions can be corrected.  

A cross-party group of MPs from the three largest parties in the UK Parliament have come together to bring forward the Abortion (Cleft lip, cleft palate and club foot) Bill. The Bill will change the law to clarify that cleft palate, cleft lip, and club foot are not grounds for abortion in the UK. You can find out more about the Bill and the families supporting it at www.standupandsmile.org.uk

Please join us in praying.....

January 17th - “As we open the week of prayer for Christian Unity, we pray especially for our shared calling to protect and preserve all life. We pray that our unity and ecumenical efforts on all life issues would inspire the world to join us in defending the lives and rights of all vulnerable in society. Lord hear us”

January 24th - “We pray for our Government, that their ability to support pregnant women would increase and that they would anchor themselves in the desire to protect all human life. Lord hear us”

January 31st “For all going through difficult pregnancies, we pray for an overwhelming sense of hope and joy to fill their lives, and for increased support to be given by their family, friends, and local communities. Lord hear us”


 Thank you



Please consider sending the attached letter to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel who is thinking of banning Catholics from offering help to the Mums going into the abortion centres. 

Example letter



Due to the current lockdown the signing of School Certificate of Catholic Practice for Primary School application has now been suspended until Monday 7th/Tuesday 8th December in Stanford-le-Hope and Thursday 10th/Friday 11th December in Tilbury until 8th January 2021.

7.30 – 8.00 p.m.  Tilbury

10.00 – 10.30 a.m.  Stanford-le-Hope

 Fr. Anthony will not be signing school forms after Sunday Masses.



Regular Donations

Comment from Father Anthony

Hi there good people of Stanford-le-Hope and Tilbury Catholic parishes.
This is a reality for both our parishes too. I am certain that many other parishes are in similar situations.
I know that times are tough for many families and understand also that finances can be very tight for many people. All I want to say is, please continue to contribute as generously as you can afford even if you are still not ready to come back for mass in the parishes.
You can call the parish office to find out how you can give your weekly/monthly offerings.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your gifts to our parishes.
I rest my case as your grateful parish priest.

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