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Fr David Ssenyaaki Appeal



This past year we have been collecting, via our Parish Project envelopes, for a hospital dear to Fr. David Ssenkaayi, who most of you know, and who has been helping with the renovations.  He has sent the following message together with photographs showing the wonderful renovations that have taken place.  We will be sending another £400, which doesn’t seem much but it goes a long way, before the end of the month.  The following is a message for you all from Fr. David.


Greetings from Uganda.


Hopefully you are all fine and safe.


Kindly receive the attached short report on the donations you sent between January and May 2021.


Once again, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to all those that contributed to this donation. Many of them we shall never know them. Our only prayer is that God may reward them abundantly.


Since the Health Centre is quite old, and many of its facilities require renovation; please do not hesitate to think about it in your future charitable programmes.


Every blessing,


Fr. David Ssenkaayi

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