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Father Brians retirement

Dear All Parishioners,


As you are all aware Fr Brian O’Shea leaves Grays and retires as a parish priest at the end of August 2020. Over the years Fr Brian has performed many good works in Grays including the re-introduction of both the annual Forty hours devotion and the May devotions, the transforming of the main hall into Our Lady’s Undercroft, the handing out of both the 2000 miraculous medals and the 1600 missionary rosaries to all parishioners. Now, Fr Brian has one final good work to do for the parish before he leaves and he needs your help to do this: The 54 Days Rosary Novena.

Fr Brian would like to invite all parishioners to participate in this novena from the safety of your own homes.

The 54 day rosary novena (probably one of the most powerful novenas) is a novena prayer made up of 6 novenas. The first 3 novenas (first 27 days) are prayed in petition for ones intentions and the latter 3 novenas (the following 27 days) are prayed in thanksgiving whether one has received what one was asking  for or not (please see attachment which explains the novena in more details).

Fr Brian proposes the following:

1. As a parish from the safety of your own homes (individually or as a family) we start the Novena on Tuesday 23rd June praying In petition for the following Intentions:

(a)   Our Lady’s intentions

(b)   An  End to COVID-19

(c)   Intentions in the Rosary Book of Intentions (please see attached JPEG)

2. On 20th July (Day 28) the Novena changes from being prayed in Petition to being prayed in Thanksgiving (please see the ‘tick the days off’ attachment).

3. 15th August (Day 54) the last day of the Novena 4.  Sunday 16th August  - Act of Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

If you would like to participate (and make it known) please send an email to N.Chinnon@sky.com 1.       I will write your name into the Rosary Book 2. If you have certain petitions to pray for, please email to be me and I will place into the Rosary Book; either write your intentions in details or just write the private intentions of ‘so and so’.

3. The Rosary book will be leaning against the Statue of Our Lady of Walsingham in front of the altar

The Most Holy Rosary attachment gives the format:

1.  The opening prayers including a statement “We offer this Rosary as day _ _ of the 54 days 2.       The mysteries for each day (Day 1= Joyful, Day 2 =Luminous, Day 3=Sorrowful, Day 4=glorious, Day 5 back to joyful and so on) 3.       The closing prayers 4.       Act of Consecration for 16th August only.

If you cannot print off the attachments and would like a hard-copy (such as the ‘tick the days off’ attachment) please send me an email with your address and I will send you a copy (NB. I shall be wearing gloves and a mask when preparing).

This is Fr Brian’s last project and he invites you all to take part.

God Bless,

Nick Chinnon

(Parish MC)

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54 Day Novena explanation

54 Day Novena Intentions

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