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New Poster  17 August 2021

SEpt 29th

Good afternoon from a busy Corringham Warehouse,

Since the 1st April, we have fed 3,426 people of which 1663 were children. Sadly there still is a need for our services and whilst we do not wish to celebrate the fact that we have had to help this amount of people. It is important to recognise that as a community we can offer help and compassion to those in need at this time as well as  being able to provide some hope for them in their situation.Please pray for those struggling at this time.

It is a busy time of year as many schools have started their Harvest collections, our team is busy visiting the schools across Thurrock and coordinating the collection of their donations. It is so lovely to have these opportunities to share about our work, and good to see the enthusiasm and support for our work.

We are so grateful to the many schools and colleges across Thurrock that are supporting us in our work, with some actually coming to help us as part of their college placement.

Please pray for these visits that they may change people's perceptions about foodbanks and those that use the services of our foodbanks.

One area that we do need help with is driving the van. Sadly over the past 18 months we lost 4 of our drivers for various reasons, This put a tremendous strain on those that we have left on the rota, if we could find another two drivers, this would enable us to fill our rota and share the workload equally. If you know anyone who may be interested in the driving role, please do ask them to get in contact. Ideally we would like them to drive a maximum of once a week.


Demand for food is still relatively high, and we do have a few items that we have lower stocks on:

Tinned Fish,

Mashed Potatoes,

Sponge Puddings,

Full Fat Long Life Milk,

Tea Bags,

Tinned Potatoes,

Fruit Juice,

Orange/ Lemon Squash


Many thanks for your continued support, if you do want any further information regarding our work or any aspect of Thurrock Foodbank, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Many thanks and best regards

Pete Newall

Sept 15th 

 Good afternoon from a very noisy Foodbank.

The builders are making great progress, on Monday they removed the roof ready to start the brickwork, only for it to pour with rain on Tuesday!! So today they have been drilling through.

It was great to welcome Colin Burcombe, the Trussell Trust area manager for Essex, to our warehouse today, and it was good to catch up with him and hear the strategic plans for the future. Watch out for the information afternoon that we will be hosting in the next few weeks!

This past week has been a week of celebrations, we wish "Happy Birthday" to:

Our Foodbank Administrator Helen Watts,

our Van Crew member Iain Sear and our Van Driver Ernie Adams,

We trust they all have a lovely Birthday celebration.


Congratulations to our Van Driver Derek Staton who completed the Great North Run, I know it was cold, but still a great effort to complete the course, "Well Done Derek"


Another Milestone is that our Gates of Praise Distribution Centre has been running for a year now. Wow, that year has gone so fast!! Jumie and the team have served over 500 people in that year, and I know what a great job the Gates of Praise team does, meeting with people and helping them with their specific issues to get them the help they need. It is sad that our services are needed, but Gates of Praise like all our centres do a great job in meeting the needs of those that are struggling in the community.


We again give thanks for our incredible volunteers that work across our distribution centres, coordinating and giving out the food parcels. We give thanks for the commitment as we seek to help those in need, across Thurrock.


In the coming weeks we will proceed with the training to become a Pathfinder Foodbank, we are excited about this means for Thurrock Foodbank. If you are interested in being part of the team or wish to find out about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Items that we are have lower stocks on, include:


Cooking Sauces

Pasta sauces,

Long Life Milk

Sponge Puddings



Many thanks for your continued support. It is truly valued, if you do want to know more about our work or would like to be involved in some way, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Best regards

Pete Newall

Operations Manager Thurrock Foodbank


Office: 01375-416200

September 8th 

Good afternoon to you all,

I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather, 

It continues to be a busy time for us here at the Foodbank Warehouse

Earlier today, the Trussell Trust published a new survey that lays bare the devastating impacts of a £20 a week cut from Universal Credit payments due across the UK next month. 
This is the biggest overnight cut to social security since the Second World War and will be a huge blow for millions of families both in and out of work.
New research conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Trussell Trust* finds that a fifth of people currently claiming Universal Credit – representing 1.2 million people in the UK – say they are ‘very likely’ to need to skip meals when the cut hits. Furthermore, 21% of people surveyed – representing 1.3 million people – told researchers they would struggle to heat their homes this winter if their income is slashed in October.
Worryingly, 11% surveyed representing 670,000 people, say it's very likely they won’t be able to afford to switch on their oven to cook food after the cut and 900,000 people say they are very likely not to have enough money to travel to work or make essential trips such as medical appointments.
The Trussell Trust, which supports a nationwide network of more than 1,300 food bank centres, is part of a coalition of 100 organisations urgently calling on the UK government to stop the cut as part of the Keep the Lifeline campaign. 

Alarmingly, 77% surveyed representing 4.7 million people currently claiming Universal Credit, say they are already struggling to keep up with bills and credit commitments. The survey also reveals that in the past 30 days, before the cut has even hit, 1.9 million people (32%) on Universal Credit
had more than one day where they didn’t eat at all, or had only one meal. And 1.4 million (23%)
said they had gone without basic toiletries like soap and toothpaste because they couldn't afford them. If you would like any further information on this research, please do not hesitate to contact me.
The building works are continuing to make good progress and we give thanks for our volunteers who have worked on throughout, we give thanks for their patience and understanding.

We pray that the exciting new contact that we are making may be fruitful and be of major benefit to those we serve across Thurrock

Please pray for our Foodbank Administrator Helen who is unwell in hospital. Helen as many of you know is a dedicated volunteer, who lives and breathes Thurrock Foodbank. Please pray for a speedy recovery and that the doctors find the right treatment for her condition and that she is able to return home soon. Sending her our love and best wishes from all at Thurrock Foodbank.

We pray for the youngsters starting back at school, may this be more of a "normal experience" that it has been over the past 18 months, and they settle back in well.

For those going off to University, for many this is the first time away from home, may they settle in quickly and not feel lonely or isolated. We also pray for the parents adapting to life without one of the children at home. For many this is a new experience, may they not be over anxious and adjust to the new way of home life.

Please pray for those that are facing the £20 reduction to their Universal Credit, whilst there are always those that take advantage, the vast majority of those that use our Foodbank, this will affect what they eat and also how they heat their homes through the winter. 

Please pray for wisdom and that the government is able to find a system that ensures that everyone in the UK has enough for the basics to live.


Following a busy week, items that we are short on are limited too:

Rice Pudding,

Sponge Puddings



Many thanks for your continued support & interest in our work, If you would like any further information or would like any further information about our work please do not hesitate to contact me.


best regards

Pete Newall

Operations Manager Thurrock Foodbank


Office: 01375-416200

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