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From: Newall Peter [mailto:peternewall@thurrock.foodbank.org.uk
Sent: 23 December 2021 13:30
Subject: Greetings from Thurrock Foodbank


Good afternoon from Thurrock Warehouse

Well who can believe we are coming towards the end of 2021! 

We have done some incredible work, and since the 1st April we have fed 4,943, whilst it is not right to celebrate the fact that there are so many depending on our service across Thurrock, the fact is that without our operation these people would have remained hungry. It also demonstrates what a community can achieve by working together.

It is not right that in 2021, so many people continue to struggle and that there is an increase in demand across Thurrock for our services above pre-pandemic rates.. 

I would like to Thank each and everyone of you for your support in all we do at Thurrock Foodbank it has been an incredible 12 months in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

I am sorry I haven't been incontact with you individually to say a personal thanks but the last week has been extremely hectic and an unbelievable demand in our time.

For those that volunteer, week in week out, a massive Thank You we really wouldn’t exist and be able to bless those struggling in our community without you.

To those that donate, and those that faithfully bring your donations to the warehouse week in week out, again a huge "Thank you" we simply couldn’t be as generous without your donations.

For our Store Community Champions, who have been so generous and accommodating with the support and donations, a "MASSIVE THANK YOU". We really could not function without your support.

For the support of Business that generously supports us, with financial donations, storage facilities, advice and support. A huge thank you, We can't thank you enough as your support may seem a small thing but for us it often eliminates a major problem for our operation. 

For those that support us in any other way, in prayer, financially, for business donations Thank you, we certainly could not have got through the last 12 months without you.

We are so blessed to have your support, we really couldn't do what we do without it.

Over the past 2 years there have been many challenges and many changes, changes in personnel, change of van, changes in our operations. Change is often difficult and we can react in different ways, we certainly miss some of the people for sure, but we have also got new faces around that brings a new camaraderie and often a fresh outlook and perspective on things which is also a good thing.

One of the lovely things we have been able to do is make up and send out Christmas Hampers, this makes such a difference to those struggling at this time, the feedback we got from one person was: "one mum threw her arms round me and said that God had not forgotten her and her family.  It was very special".  Whilst we do not always get Thanks or feedback when we do it does make it very special and worthwhile.

Over the past two years we’ve faced a lot of challenges and we have faced some of the busiest weeks ever at our food bank, as stated in last week's Wire, the community of Thurrock coming together to make Christmas Hampers has been overwhelming, as has the considerable amount of donations. Our volunteers have been amazing, working week in week up making up and delivering food parcels, and at our distribution Centres issuing food parcels to our clients, it is a real team effort.


There are things I know we can do together that will help prevent so many people needing support in the future. I’m excited for us to take steps closer to being in that position in the new year. The Electricians are making their final fixes, then the last bits of decorating to be completed, and we will be into our new Warehouse early in the new year, Exciting times for Thurrock Foodbank.
Before then, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for your support for everything we do. It is a privilege to work alongside you. Your hard work and determination give such hope and comfort to people every day. Over the last month we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support – the public knows that without you, many people would be left to face hunger and crisis alone, and they don’t think that’s right. They want to help you prevent that from happening. This support should give us hope that there is public will for longer-term change.  
I want to wish you and your families a blessed and restful Christmas, and leave you with this blessing. 

Now may the fragrance of his peace 
Soar through your heart like the dove released: 
Hide in His wings, oh weary, distant soul, 
He'll guide your spirit home. 
And may His love poured from on high 
Flow to the depths of your deepest sigh; 
Oh come and drink from the only living stream 
And on His shoulder lean. 
And may the hope that will not deceive 
Through every pain brings eternal ease; 
There is no night that can steal the promises 
His coming brings to us. 
So may His joy rush over you; 
Delight in the path He has called you to; 
May all your steps walk in Heaven's endless light 
Beyond this Christmas night. 

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